Mast Maintenance & Inspections

Maintenance & Inspection Solutions provide all types of mast maintenance and inspections of tall structures. It is vital to ensure that persons around the structure remain safe as well as any other users required to climb the structure itself.

We have experience with working on the nations tv transmitters, mobile phone masts, water towers, and high rise rooftops.

Our services include:

  • Annual mast inspections
  • Inspection, maintenance and painting
  • Latchway installation

We ensure the safety of the structure, and all access arrangements. provides fully trained staff who have great experience of inspection and maintenance projects across the UK.

Why…Our experience in mast and tower inspections spans more then 2 decades and includes the inspection and maintenance of thousands of structures nationwide. Our expert advise and commitment to quality is apparent on the works from start to finish.


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Scaldwell, Northamptonshire


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