Current Legislation

GPS Repeaters 

Current Legislation (UK) 

GPS Repeaters – Current Legislation (UK)

In July 2012, Ofcom authorised the use of GNSS repeaters in then UK via a “light license regime”.   

The full authorisation statement (PDF format), including a full explanation on the need for a license.

This applies to the use of GNSS repeaters in any of the following three frequency bands:

  • 1164 – 1215 MHz
  • 1215 – 1300 MHz
  • 1559 – 1610 MHz


Licenses are available by completing an application form which is downloadable along with guidance notes, from the Ofcom website.  

Conditions of a license are as follows:

  • The license term is indefinite and ensures that Ofcom have an archive database of all sites that are or have been licensed;
  • There is a one-time fee of £75 per license;
  • Licenses may be traded on an outright or concurrent basis;
  • Permits the use of multiple installations of GNSS re-radiating elements at one address;
  • Can only apply to a defined fixed location, i.e. not for mobile (e.g. vehicular) use
  • Only to be used indoors
  • Equipment must comply with the current ETSI standard for GNSS repeaters


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